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Friday, February 10, 2012

Make your own "Folder Locker" without any software

Copy this script into notepad and save as "*.BAT" extension, ex:"Locker.bat", after that, run the batch file and follow the wizard to make new folder and new password, i'm sorry if the script is too long, because it's all is needed for protect a folder, Work best on windows 7.



  1. Really Awesome Program dude! :-)
    Thanks a lot!
    i have a question.
    Is it possible to lock a folder in pendrive in one computer and unlocking the folder in another computer?

  2. Yes, because the folder and password is saved in the current drive, so you still can open folder in the pendrive from another computer (100% Portable)...

  3. Hello Faid,

    First and foremost, thank you very much for this great script for it is the only one that works as the other ones can be revealed in folder options>show hidden folders ...ETC.

    However, I put it extensively to the test and I found that you can only use it successfully once per each drive. If you try to use it in multiple folders on the same drive, one will work properly and the others keep asking you if you want to create a new folder even when you have already created one.

    With regards and gratitude

    1. Hello Mama,

      yes, you only can make one password and one folder on each drive, and you can't make multiple folder in same drive, so for this reason i make the VBS Locker and HTA Locker in different storage folder, so you can make 3 folder in same drive, and one reason for can only make one password and one folder for each drive is for make this Locker portable, so you can use it in Flash Drive and open it in any computer...

      Thanks for your test and your input. :)

  4. i tried this method and it works, but i can't unlock the folder, do ou have any solution ??

    i already tried to change the script so automatically goes to the unlock label but it still doesn't work

    1. Are u unlock the folder from same drive as you lock the folder, if not it's doesn't work, but it should work if u unlock folder from same drive, maybe the problem in your OS,,, Windows 7 (i say if it works in win7, but maybe my win7 different from other win7)?

      Other: please tell me what's the problem and what the Locker display in this case?

  5. This is great stuff. It is better than the other code I came across (the password can be retrieved from the batch file).

    However, there is a shortcoming. People can see the password as you type it on the CMD screen. Is there a way to encrypt/hide the password when you type it?


  6. It works nice, the folder ya created doesn't show up.
    But.. It also makes a folder called: C2F41D69-E2A7-5795-89E40080 that is shown.
    In there ya have 2 files. If open both in notepad ya see name on folder ya made and also the password.

    Ya can't change the script so it put the C2F41D69-E2A7-5795-89E40080-folder in the one you created instead ?
    If do, you can't see the password when folder is locked.
    I'm using win 7.