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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Magnetic Piston (Free Energy and no Pollution Engine)

By far we know all engine include the Fuel Injection still need gas and produce the pollution, why we just not try my crazy Invention, the magnetic piston, a free energy engine because every piston rotation is already produce the electricity, and of course, no pollution, i have 2 models:

1. Opened engine:

2. Closed engine:

NOTE: The Opened Engine using air intake/exhaust and the Closed Engine using oil from the back. Magnet in the engine is Electromagnetic and normal magnet in the Piston. The wheel on the piston is to control electric output and of course control the electromagnetic power and piston speed.

3. Special invention (free electricity generator):

4. Original piston image (Searching from Google):


  1. very strong electromagnet(high power) is needed to push the piston in your 'free energy piston'. good try btw.

    1. that's why i want to try, but i don't have any tools

  2. Nice animation!

    The laws of thermodynamics are not your friend however. Best case in a perfect vacuum, with no friction, no gravity, and perfect energy recovery something like this could be self sustaining. It could not actual produce any energy mind you, but it could continue to move.

    Back on planet Earth where we have to deal with gravity, friction, and atmosphere the amount of energy required to return the engine to the starting point is greater then the amount of energy that could be generated. Using an electric magnet to push the piston back to the initial position still requires energy. The friction between the piston and cylinder wall converts some of that energy to heat.

    Ultimately this would consume more energy then it would be able to create.

    Here is some more reading:

    1. Well, btw it just my opinion 😀 it would be great if we can create something like this someday, engine is rotating, it should create any energy (eg. Electricity), at least we can create small generator for electric engine with battery, so it can last longer without charging

    2. Well, btw it just my opinion 😀 it would be great if we can create something like this someday, engine is rotating, it should create any energy (eg. Electricity), at least we can create small generator for electric engine with battery, so it can last longer without charging

    3. If you modify an aluminum v6 block, removing large areas of the cylinder walls (reducing friction & allowing cooling), fit the pistons with high energy electromagnets that met contacts in the cylinder wall at TDC & modified aluminum heads with high energy electromagnets all which are powered by magnetos around the flywheel AND developed high energy timing circuitry that wud reverse the magnets polarity at BDC until piston reaches near TDC then the motor prooves to have a contributing power stroke every 30° of revolution as opposed to a power stroke every 240°. Thats 12 power strokes per revolution compaired to 1 1/3 per revolution. It is my belief (with some knowledge of the incredible force generated between two adjacent high energy electromagnets fired symotainiously with oposing polarities) that this design would generate far greater power than required to maintain revolution. Something to keep in mind, as well, is that there is great reduction in friction with the elemination of an oil system, a water cooling system, a fuel system and electric system (altinator) AND the crank & rod bearings could be fit with zero friction air bearings. We all know the old school laws of physics & thermal dynamics are out dated & in great need of modernization. In a generation or so, all the old timers that hold so dearly to these prehistoric beliefs will be gone from influencing our new age of physics and the young engineers will have no polution, no fuel, free energy generating devices around the globe

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  4. albeit this design is not what i would consider free energy. it is how petroleum based pollution free. where as you already utilizing magnetic repulsion and propulsion might as well utilize magnetic suspension in stabilizing the walls of the piston to eliminate friction. as far as atmospheric pressure and its resistance, you can have it work for you. isolate upward stroke of the piston from atmosphere into another cylinder to eliminate atmospheric pressures resistance and then allow it to enter during down stroke to have it aid in the stroke. as far as utilizing as much of the magnetic force as possible, much like the 4 stroke petroleum, alternate the current from pull to push at the right moment and gain that much more force. also there is a benefit to avoid static parasitic drain from the resistance of the crankshaft, and that is to have multiple cylinders operating as one unit compensating. this all together properly and appropriately tuned to perfection still begs to question how much of a benefit is it over other non polluting engines or motors out there we are currently using.
    A>K<A engineering

  5. i have the same idea yet for full throttle the magnet should push at a force of 13,000 pounds i don't know how it would be created.

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  7. Try ring magnets for a cylinder head and its a friction free engine.