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Friday, April 24, 2015

Know HTML for Beginner

In this post, i'll show you how to know HTML, as you can see, the HTML is just a markup (non-programming language). It's so easy to read HTML for example the most common HTML structure:
		<title>The HTML Title</title>
Did you know the result of that HTML code? okay i'll explain that code, the first <html> tag is for declare if that's a HTML, the second line is <head> is the first line executed, it being executed when the page initializing, you can add <style> for CSS and <script> for javascript code or other required HTML elements (<meta>, <link>, etc..), then the <body> tag is contains the entire HTML content, all HTML tag have a closing tag.

The closing tag always have same name with the tag, example <input type='text'></input> or if there's no contents in the middle of the tag, you can close the tag immediatly <input type='text'/>.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

ASCII to Binary (8-bit) Converter

This converter can convert ASCII to 8-bit binary code with the formula to count it, i made this application from VB6, you can download it here.

- Note: to know HOW to count binary, you can learn it here.

Download Here!

Penghitung Jarak & Waktu VB6

Disini saya membuat program VB6 sederhana yang bisa sangat membantu, untuk menghitung jarak masukkan kecepatan dan waktu sedangkan untuk menghitung waktu masukkan jarak dan kecepatan, aplikasi VB6 bisa didownload disini

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Permainan Angka HTML Javascript

Ini adalah contoh aplikasi WEB permainan angka dengan logika yang lumayan banyak agar jawaban benar ditaruh di tombol berbeda, setiap jawaban dapat mengeluarkan angka yang mirip dengan jawaban yang sama dan tidak ada tombol jawaban yang berisi angka yang sama.
Penilaian dalam permainan ini adalah jika benar skor + 2 dan jika salah skor - 1.

0 + 0 =
60 0

Source code: