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Friday, April 24, 2015

Know HTML for Beginner

In this post, i'll show you how to know HTML, as you can see, the HTML is just a markup (non-programming language). It's so easy to read HTML for example the most common HTML structure:
		<title>The HTML Title</title>
Did you know the result of that HTML code? okay i'll explain that code, the first <html> tag is for declare if that's a HTML, the second line is <head> is the first line executed, it being executed when the page initializing, you can add <style> for CSS and <script> for javascript code or other required HTML elements (<meta>, <link>, etc..), then the <body> tag is contains the entire HTML content, all HTML tag have a closing tag.

The closing tag always have same name with the tag, example <input type='text'></input> or if there's no contents in the middle of the tag, you can close the tag immediatly <input type='text'/>.

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