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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Offline Javascript Obfuscator

Hmm, back from busy life, i search for Offline JS Obfuscator (javanese people said: 'niku gara2 kuota mung dibatesi jam') with the same method as but found nothing, so i learn how they obfuscate the JS and try to make it myself, i did it but NOT COMPLETED at all, i just make it to obfuscate string-only and maybe you still face some error here, this is alpha version, because i just take a hour to code this.

you have to select string quotes type (" or ') in order to use this (i said this is alpha version, no automatic decide), for example if u frequently use var a='ABC' u should use '%string%' option.

this is the source for reference and i hope someone will continue this before me, i'm busy about task u know!! :))

Save as "*.HTA" extension 


  1. Hola. Terminaste el codigo? Te estaria enormemente agradecido, no encuentro nada que funcione offline que merezca la pena, salvo lo que tu has empezado.
    Un saludo

    1. English please, okay i've translate your comment. first thanks for saying this tools is useful, btw, this is still incomplete code, maybe i'll finish this as soon as possible, but i can't promise to you, because i have a big task to do in my real life