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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Crash Bandicoot PSX 100% Save Game

This is all-region Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, 3, Crash Team Racing (CTR), and Crash Bash (CB) save game for Playstation / PSX / PSone.

This save game format is (*.MCR) which compatible with ePSXe and pSX emulator.

All-region means this save game contains:
  • USA/Canada [NTSC-U/C] Savegame
  • Europe [PAL] Savegame
  • Japan [NTSC-J] Savegame

Crash Bandicoot % Completion:
- Crash Bandicoot 100%
- Crash Bandicoot 2 100%
- Crash Bandicoot 3 105%
- Crash Team Racing 101%
- Crash Bash 200%

Click HERE to download. Dropbox link.

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